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How to backup SMS & Call log on your Android

Upgrading to a new Android?, went through a factory data rest, or lost your android, worried on how to get your sms and call logs to the new android. No need to worry if you have installed SMS Backup+.

This is an awesome application which is associated with Google, from this app you can back up all your sms and call logs, the best part is you can even restore them to your Android.

1. Download the app from Play Store.
















2. Select the connect option & authenticate with your gmail account
















3. Select grant access option.







4. After granting access just select the backup option, & the backup process will be started.


























After a successful backup 2 new labels will be created in your gmail account as call log & sms.

If you want to restore the backup just follow 1,2 & 3 steps on the 4 step just select the restore option. All of your call logs & sms will be appearing on your android after a successful restore.


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  • arvindr2391

    why take so much pain? simply install GO BACKUP from the playstore 🙂 . Backups even apps and app data(if u have root). Simple,fast and has a beautiful UI. Give it a try and let me know how it was. Cheers mate 🙂

    • Ameen

      tried it its really awesome. Thanks mate.

    • Azker M

      Woah! We shall write another article on this then 😀

      • arvindr2391

        first of all sorry for replying late 🙁 yeah mate its awesome ill give it a try 😀 u can backup even call logs 😀

        • Ameen

          yes bro, from this you can even backup call-logs. try it on your android it really good

  • Ameen


  • sGrdn

    This is what i used to use to backup my sms, now am using one app to backup everything. I even removed all the other apps it’s called G Cloud Backup it’s pretty good i’ve been using it for a week now and it seems working smoothly no interruptions so far.

  • Awais

    Hello, A very nice and informative article, I want to share my knowledge as well I am using Backup Caretaker that is another app for backup sms, mms, logs, contact, bookmarks, settings and alarms. It has free version as well that backup and restore things on local sd card where as it’s paid version have facility of scheduling backup and it stores data on servers. Do try that. Thank you