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Enriching Srilanka :: An Android app to check Sri Lankan train schedule

Indeed an awesome & a helpful application!!! Isn’t it?

Well, I was thinking of writing a simple review for this application. But lacking of time made me to complete & publish the post a bit later… : (

Anyhow, this is what I thought when I started to using the application even-though I don’t travel via trains much. Oh! Yes, it’s all about a local application named “Sri Lanka Train Schedule” developed by Chatura Dilan (if I’m not mistaken). Very few reasons which took me to write an article on this is;

  1. An android application designed  & developed by a fellow Sri Lankan for the local audience use.
  2. Application  is based on, one of the most important transporation which is “Train”.
  3. Acknowledge the Android users who travel via Trains (who still do not know about this app).

All useful information about the Train’s schedule, stations & even the ticket price is listed to check at anytime. Also, this application has received an award last year (2011).

Nothing much to walk through with this application since it won’t give you much reading experience. Simply, download the application & experience it on your own.  :  )

Random Screens (Taken via my Xperia)

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Geek Opinion: Overall, this is an epic android distribution for those who use android & travelling via train (locally within Sri lanka). Nothing else to complain about this as it works pretty smooth. Simplicity & a user-friendly interface which attracts the application more…  I’d say it will be more better if they can support cross platform functioning (more OS platform support such as iOS, Windows phone.. etc).

[box type=”download”] More on: Download on GooglePlay [/box]

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