IPFire the Successor to IPCop

Being a fan of IPCop when I was trying to download it and just for my curiosity typed IPCop vs in Google search and found something interesting, an another firewall distro called IPFire. After doing some reading I found that it’s the completed version of current IPCop which includes all the features that are inbuilt into IPFire which are [...]


Android WCDMA / 3G only

After upgrading you phone to ICS or if you have a shiny new android phone you might not find WCDMA only option under network settings which is a painful thing when you have a lower 3G coverage and want to browse some websites or download some apps. Here’s a simple workaround. Open up the dial pad and put below code. And [...]

OS & Networking

Split DNS – Explained

In one of my previous post about setting up Zimbra mail server application, I’ve mentioned about configuring a Split DNS (local DNS) server using bind9 on server itself. In this article I’ll explain why is it important to a mail server and how it works. Before we go into detail, you should have a good understanding [...]


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