Keep SSH Session Alive After Disconnecting

When I use SSH to remotely manage my Ubuntu servers specifically when installing applications and editing config files sometimes I get disconnected due to internet connectivity issues. Most of the time I use Hamachi VPN to connect to the servers. If it get disconnected in middle of setting up something, there is no way to get the old [...]


How to Restrict Android App Permissions

Android forces you to agree to every permission an app wants, assuming you want to use the app. After rooting your device, you can manage permissions on a per-app basis. Restricting permissions allows you to protect your contacts and other private data from apps that demand access you’d rather not allow. Many apps will continue working [...]


Embedding Tweets on Blogger

Well, I’ve been a Blogger user long time back before I switched to Wordpres.Org. I should say both have served me very well during my blogging. But, I had to switch to WP, because of the customization which is more cool than Blogger. WP got plenty of plugins & support to beautify your blog. The only disadvantage is that you [...]


My Track :: An Android App by Google

I bid apology for any mistakes you found here, as I had to write this article in a hurry. Please feel free to comment or contact us regarding clarifications, suggestions & complaints.. etc. Well, Google a well known top-rated multinational corp, is a group who always focus on its users.  Since then the start from their search engine [...]


Y U No Try Google Drive (Google Docs)

Most people don’t realize how much it’s important to keep a backup of their important files, photos, documents,etc… until they loose it by system crashes or data corruptions. You don’t need to worry about this anymore. Now you can keep those stuff synced in the cloud. Even if your local machine got into fire [...]


Rooting an Android device [How-to & Why]

You’d have probably heard from people who’re “rooting” their Android phones. If you’ve ever wondered how to do that by yourself – or wondered why people would bother to do so – you’re in luck. You can root your Android in just a few minutes. After rooting your device, you have full access to the entire system and can [...]


Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 7


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pfSense – configuring Windows Active directory authentication


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