Android WCDMA / 3G only

After upgrading you phone to ICS or if you have a shiny new android phone you might not find WCDMA only option under network settings which is a painful thing when you have a lower 3G coverage and want to browse some websites or download some apps. Here’s a simple workaround. Open up the dial pad and put below code. And [...]


How to Restrict Android App Permissions

Android forces you to agree to every permission an app wants, assuming you want to use the app. After rooting your device, you can manage permissions on a per-app basis. Restricting permissions allows you to protect your contacts and other private data from apps that demand access you’d rather not allow. Many apps will continue working [...]


Rooting an Android device [How-to & Why]

You’d have probably heard from people who’re “rooting” their Android phones. If you’ve ever wondered how to do that by yourself – or wondered why people would bother to do so – you’re in luck. You can root your Android in just a few minutes. After rooting your device, you have full access to the entire system and can [...]


LastPass – An Online Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is a freemium password management program developed by LastPass. It is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. There is also a LastPass Password Manager bookmarklet for other browsers. Passwords in LastPass Password Manager are protected by a master [...]


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