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Google Sync – Easy Synchronization by Google

When you suddenly see the topic title, you all might be thinking of; “Why do these people sharing an old known service given by Google“. I’d say no, even-though you know this service is there most of us never uses & never knew the advantage of using Google Sync. From couple of weeks, I’ve been going through so many complaints like, “my phone was lost, how am I suppose to get my contacts back”, “I want to transfer my blackberry address book to an android phone.. how am I suppose to do that”…. etc. All I’ve seen is that most of us are concentration on the contacts which were lost than the phone (may be this sentence won’t fit for the people who’ve lost their phones which cost high, but I feel sorry for them). Alright, Just because of this, I thought of sharing this amazing little product called Google Sync which does wonders syncing your calendar & address-books…etc. My special thanks to Google for offering such a terrific service for free.

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So What is Google Sync & Why?

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Google Sync is a service from Google that provides over-the-air synchronization of Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar with PC and mobile device Mail, Calendar and Address Book applications. As you switch phones, tablets, and computers, your Gmail, address book, and calendar are synched to your new device upon user requests. Google Sync is a two-way service. Changes made on one device will be backed up to your Google Account. All other devices sharing that same Google account will be automatically synchronized as well. Data is securely stored even if you lose your phone. Also, Google Sync works with PC, Mac, Linux, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian S60, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, and other devices. This service was announced in February 2009 by Google.

How Google Synce works [explained]

There we go… Just a simple product which can be used from several devices, PC, Smartphone, Tablets.. etc. Hope, you’ll enjoy using this service & utilizing it’s advantageous. Will catch you with another simple review. Enjoy!

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[box] More Info: Google Sync & Wiki [/box]

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