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Setup Web-based File manager For Your Home Server

I love Web Applications. The ease of use Web application with just a Web Browser makes life lot easier. And future trend also moving towards Web Apps Eg-  Chrome webstore, Google Apps, ZOHO.

This tutorial is about setting up a Web based File Manager which suits best for your home server or a file server helping to view, download and upload files and keep you data in one place. Imagine you have a wireless laptop and want to listen music on your server simply with a web browser, this is the way to go.

Recently I was searching an application for this purpose and found a stunning Open-source web based File Manager called Mollify. This application has cool features like audio video streaming and etc…

Following are required to setup Mollify

1. A web server with PHP and MySQL

You can download XAMPP Server (Suite of  Apache, MySQL, PHP)

2. Mollify Application

In the video I’ve described the rest.

Part – 1

In this video. I explain how to install XAMPP and configure web server and mysql database server.

Download XAMPP for Windows from here.

Part – 2

This video explains how to setup mollify.

Download Mollify from here

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