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Lynx – A Text based Web Browser for Linux

Who wants it anymore, we have fancy web browsers with graphical interface like Firefox and Chrome?. But this will be useful for a geek like me :D.

Linux is command-line friendly, even having graphical interface we do many things using command-line or most Linux based servers don’t have a GUI at all. So it’s a cool thing to have a web browser in terminal.

Now let’s see how we can install and use it. I’m using Ubuntu here. This will work on any favorite Linux distros.

Hit Ctrl + Alt + T to open Terminal and type. (We need to enter password for the account).

[box]sudo apt-get install lynx[/box]

[lbfenix img=””]Installing Lynx in Ubuntu[/lbfenix]

Now we have lynx installed. to browse web using lynx simply type.


[lbfenix img=””]GeekLK on Lynx[/lbfenix]

[box]lynx[/box] We want to enable cookies. Say Yes when browser asks.

[lbfenix img=””]Google[/lbfenix]

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