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Secure your Windows with Syskey

Windows user passwords can easily be compromised by any geek  who has physical access to the PC. There are lot of tools to crack, reset, disable windows accounts and password such as Hiren’s Boot CD, OphCrack, Active@ Password Changer and more… To enhance login security, Windows has a hidden security feature called syskey gives us an extra layer of security to log in to the PC. This method of security is not easy to crack easily like user account. But there are something you need to consider before doing this.

  • You can’t disable it once enabled. (You can’t get rid of the security system even if you don’t want)
  • If you forgot the password the only way to reset is formating the windows. (To break it you may run a [lbfenix img=””]Bulldozer[/lbfenix] over it :D)
  • You need to enter the syskey before log into user accounts. If your PC is used by multiple users, everyone should know the password.

Enough warnings. Let’s set it up.

Simply go to Start > Run and type [box]syskey[/box]
run syskey

Now syskey is enabled.
enable syskey

select Update and set a password (don’t forget it).
set syskey password

Now it’s done. Restart the PC and see the change.
syskey startup

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  • RecoverySoftware

    syskey is very secure. There are no tools available to recover or crack the password. So it’s important to keep the password safe in case of forgetting it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment sir!.. Hope, you’re enjoying the site 🙂

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