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Majestic City – 3D Superior :: First 3D Theatre Ever in SriLanka

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Majestic City also known as MC in short is  one of the most visited shopping malls in Colombo. That is because, it situated at the hub of a very active retail area of Colombo. It is a colorful red, burnt-yellow and grey building near the Bambalapitiya Junction on the infamous Galle Road.

Majestic City – Bambalapitiya (Colombo – 04)

Inner-View at Majestic City

At Majestic City, rather than shopping malls they also have a cinema theatre available at fourth floor. But very recently they built three theatres which are now available at fifth floor. Their names follows as; MC Ultra, MC Gold & MC 3D Superior. Now this 3D Superior is 3D based theatre experience which is the first ever 3D theatre to be in Srilanka. These were opened to the public on December 2nd, 2011 with screening of three massive movies on those respective theatres.

Overview of New Theatres – Majestic City (photo taken from

Now, what are you waiting for, just grab a ticket at TicketsLK and enjoy the new the 3D experience at Majestic Cinema, Colombo. 😀 😀

I’ve added the very recent price update &  the movie show times along with the theaters available in Majestic Cineplex. Remember, I did not add the normal cinema theater which were already there in 4th floor.

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  • Malavi4545

    wow it is a wonderful effort,we were waiting to to have a 3d cinema theater in sri lanka…thanks for opening..

    • Anonymous

      yeah! you should thank the majestic city cinemas. try it out, it’s a cool experience 🙂

  • indunil

    it is a really wonderful experience for us and it will be really spectacular

    • Anonymous

      yes, of course.. I’m waiting for a good movie to be displayed there to experience the real 3D. 🙂
      BTW, keep visiting.. we’ll be sharing more informations here at GeekLK

      • Ronni

        Some details about the sound system pls?

  • Mahesh

    When will Star Wars 3D come to this theatre?

    • Anonymous

      haha.. no idea bro, unless you inquire it from majestic cinema straight away 🙂

  • Dilip

    Fantastic 3D experience

  • pasan

    How much is a movie ticket ??

    • GeekLK

      Hi Pasan,

      We got so many inquires related to what you’ve inquired now. By considering the amount of request, we’ve updated a very recent information available as at now.

      Enjoy! 😀
      GeekLK Team

      • avril

        wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow maciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Dam

    when is the last day of showing the movie avengers?

  • prasha

    tanks to open the 3d

  • sanjeewan

    3 d avengers. I watched @ mc 3d sup.its awsme! Feel like im n the film.really fun.woow! Try it out dnt mis it.its superb.nw im waitng 4 mib 3.2 scren in 3d.

  • Suganya

    when pirahna 3DD relesed, please informed wen the film was relesed i’m 4 watch the movie

    • GeekLK

      Hi Suganya,

      We cannot confirm on their movie screenings. You’ll have to contact the theater itself & check with them. Below is their contact number.

      Phone: +94112581759

      cheerz 🙂

      • mushthak

        what movie is running over there now???? in 3d

  • Ash

    du got box in there ?

  • Nirosh

    Hay mate,

    Can we buy tickets at the entrance or we have to book it ???

  • mushthak

    now what movei is running on th theater

    • GeekLK

      Hey! There,

      Please visit below URL to find out the latest movies displayed in Majestic City.


      Or simply contact them on +94112581759.

      GeekLK Team

  • Man of steel

    I want to watch man of steel

  • Laksh

    10.15 movie time is available for fast 6?

  • gavin

    will man of steel be screened in mc

  • kasun

    pls let me know the avialable film now MC 3D.

  • anonymous

    What movies will be screening in april!!!! pleaseee i really need to know

    • GeekLK

      Hey! anonymous,

      Please visit below URL to find out the latest movies displayed as we cannot predict the releases.


      Best Regards,
      GeekLK Team ^AZY

  • jude

    will the cinema open tomorrow the 16th poya day?

    • GeekLK

      Dear Jude,

      Poya days are considered to be a public & a mercantile holiday. Henceforth, the movie theatres will be closed. Further inquiry, you may call the respective theatre itself and inquire for such information.

      Best Regards,
      GeekLK Team ^AZY

  • Krish

    are there any Boxe facilities in cinema hall ?? if it is..plz let us know the price ? plzz rpl soon.

  • Anirudh

    What is their contact number please. Thanks!

  • sandaruwan

    Can I know the name of the hall with red seats which is at the top left of the photo that’s on this page like real soon?

  • robin

    Can i know are there any box ticket seats ?

    • Azker M

      If you read the above comments, you’ll find Majestic City number. Please obtain and call them to find out.