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Resetting/Recovering, Master password on Firefox

FireFox is an open-source application given by Mozilla Corporation to their user for free use. It is basically an internet browsing application or I could say “web browser” in short. By the way, I don’t want to explain about firefox as you all may know more than me. ; )

Therefore, I’ll start explaining on what I wanted to write here.. Well, this is actually a known issue for all Firefox addicted users. It is all about resetting  the master password by loosing all available DATA’s or recovering it without loosing any of the DATA’s. By DATA which I meant is the stored usernames & passwords within Firefox.

What is Master password & How to use/enable it;

Master password is an inbuilt feature available in Firefox. It actually enables more security to other saved usernames & passwords with one master password. But, by default; Firefox does not use master passwords to protect stored credentials. It can be enabled by following steps explained thoroughly here or at our GeekLK post here.

Resetting when you forgot the Master password

Note: This process will remove all of your saved usernames and passwords. Therefore, if you don’t have any important DATA’s you may easily use this process or else try the recovering method.

1. Open Firefox; enter the below given one, within the address bar & press ENTER.


2. Thereafter, you’ll see a dialog-box likewise mentioning to “reset” & to “cancel”.


3. Simply hit on “Reset” button to get it done.

Recovering when you forgot the Master password

One of the secured way of protecting our saved password is using Master password on Firefox. But, what if you loose or forgot your Master password. Well, the important part is that you must be lucky because, no one can access any of your saved credentials without knowing the Master password. And that’s where the FireMaster, the firefox master password recovery tool plays the major role. Well, actually I’ve never tested this, but for most they says that it worked. For the moment, I’m trying to capture a video on this and later I’ll try to edit & post it here… But, for now you may refer the below methods if you wanted to give a try.

Complete Tutorial on Firmaster: Click here

How-To Tutorial on LifeHacker: Click here

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