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My Experience [Geeklk exclusive] (pronouced as social) is the social platform of the Microsoft corporation. Still it’s under research and development
of Microsoft FUSE labs.[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

It’s unique with it’s simple,charm and user-friendly interface, it does a quiet a amazing unique job. It does really stand alone in the que!.  Specialty in is that it does combine internet search, web browsing with social networking, a venture to keep us glued to the seat all day long!.[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

What I call is that it is a hybrid of Facebook,twitter and Google+. With the feeds, follow, topic are some features which resemble the twitter while the status update, sharing, commenting, tagging and liking ( a real awesome ‘like’ is available on just resemble the facebook. The video party isnt really a Google+ hangout, but it’s a video sharing conference desk.

I was addicted to since it does give a versatile experience in social networking. As facebook it will not kindle in multitude of social problems since it does facilitate learning rather than surfing-stalking. As for now, the scope is not that of facebook, but with it’s rich interface i see it as it’s just analogue to google+. says it’s free and it says it’s not a part of bing. anyone can participate in the exprience with sending a mail to

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

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