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Gmail Tap :: Morse Code keyboard on android [April fool day]

Once again Google played 1st of April (April fool day) with Gmail Tap.. Pretty smart move eh??

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At the first, when I saw a tweet from gmail (shown above), I actually din’t get it, then started thinking why in the world morse code is been re-invented as a replacement to a smart-device keyboard even the name explains that it’s a smart device.. Well, that’s it, I simply started searching for more by googling.. *sigh*, what to do.. I always use google to search… Well, that’s pretty much it!!! I found this link here and  a video which Google posted on their YouTube channel..  checked-out the video which explains about the product..

If you haven’t noticed.. In the Middle of this video I just saw that Todd Smith who’s a tech lead for Gmail Tap said;

“You can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom. It’s a dot and a dash”

Surely, this looks like another one of Google’s April Fools jokes. Chrome multitask mode (multiple cursors), maps in 8 bit, all of YouTube on a DVD, and more were all released today.

Furthermore… If you’re looking to try your luck with Morse Code, the download page for the app states that you can download it tomorrow (see image blow;).

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

Hehe.. Seriously though, happy April Fools! You certainly are not a fool. You can check out Gmail Tap for yourself at the android market (which is now google play). I’ve just tested it out.. Well, It’s simply cool though, but you need to learn the pattern of each letters to become a typing spree.. I must say “BEST OF LUCK!!” : D

Random Screens (taken from my android device)

Click on the images to enlarge

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]              [lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

[box] More Pic: Enable Morse Keyboard, Expert Mode & About Morse Keyboard [/box]

Download & Install Morse Keyboard from Google-Play

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

Alright then, try using the app & see it for yourselves… It is absolutely amazing 😀

[box] More: Gmail Tap Home, Gmail Tap on Google Blog [/box]

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