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Forgot to sign out of my Gmail account

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It happened to me once. I walked out from one of my clients site and then I just realized that I forgot to sign out from my Google drive. All Google services works with single sign in :). So I could sign out all currently logged in session from outside. Situations like this may happen to you at times though, like when you’re surfing in Cyber cafe and forgetting to sign out while you come out. Well, here’s the solution for that.

Login to Gmail with same ID. Once you’ve logged in on the right-bottom you can see last login details and below that click the Details link.

Gmail login sessions

And you can see currently logged in sessions listed in a popup window. Simply click “Sign out all other sessions” button and you’re done.

Sign out external sessions in Gmail

Also you can change the password if you’re not sure that your password maybe saved in the browser.

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