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Google Fiber :: Internet for the next generation

Well, I woke-up early morning since its the fasting season, took my morning meal as usual, went out for prayers & came back to check some of the updates over the net. In a while, I started searching about nginx, which is a HTTP server similar to Apache (a more powerful service than Apache which can control a pretty much huge load). We will talk about this later on another post.

While I was seriously reading an article, I got a chat message popping-up from a colleague (by Shameer Haseeb) blabbering about a Google product with a link to it. It’s non-other than Google Fiber, which I’ve heard about few days back; but didn’t know at very first that they’ve launched. Anyways, after going through the given web URL after sometime, I was shocked. Google Fiber was announce detailed by Google on last Thursday (26th July ’12). Seriously, Google always care about its users & give what they exactly want (for free or may be charging an affordable amount).

Google Fiber is an internet solution which is 100 times better than today’s broadband connection allowing its users to get what they want instantaneously.  At 1000Mbps (megabit per second), users no longer have to wait on things buffering, everything will be ready to go when you are. In others, Google is now becoming an ISP, which is the coolest thing ever I’ve seen out of all products. : )


Google Fiber Features (as listed in their site)

  • No more waiting – At 1000 Mb per second, Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average Internet, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously.
  • All your favorite content in one place – Watch hundreds of HD channels, tens of thousands of shows and movies on-demand, and all your favorite Internet content from Netflix and YouTube—all in one place
  • HD through fiber network (never be this good) – A bigger pipe means less compression. Luckily, Google’s ultra fast Fiber network has more than enough bandwidth to ensure you get HD (high definition).
  • Google fiber for all screens – brings together your devices and gives you the freedom to search, record and save shows without worry.
  • and many more…

Current Internet situation in Sri Lanka (as in my point of view)

Of course!! If you were me, you’ll surely say; “OMG! Google, Please bring up your service to this little pearl of Indian ocean” when you compare the current situation enrolling in Sri Lanka. It’s so obvious, that we’ve got plenty of ISP’s who never cares about after service (in common, no offense to any of those ISP’s out there). And yes, the main reason is that we use a shared bandwidth comparing to the high cost on leased lines which is not affordable for individuals. Almost half of the Sri Lankans are pretty much exhaused complaining about their internet connectivity issues. Thus, we’re like;

Getting Google fiber to your region (an imagination)

Well, This is day dream for all of us now. I’ve no idea what to say about this as they’ve not mentioned about Google fiber reaching the whole world but ony within the U.S (even U.S, few places). Nevertheless, a little hope is never late than ever. Google currently have installed fiber in Kansas City, MO, USA as they beat out more than 1,100 other cities to be the testing zone for the project. Google said it was because of the enthusiasm of the residents. We shall hope for this to become a success and also to be available at our regions.

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  • shehan

    adenawa ne machan :'(

  • Kaiser

    Now, they should stop throttling, and give a dedicated 1 gigabit up and down to each subscriber. Which it really doesn’t seem like it is now.

  • arvindr2391

    awesome i need this in my place asap 😀

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