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Now, this is what I call interesting.. Seriously, I was flipping out when I saw the new interface designed for Hotmail which is now changed to Outlook.Com. The coolest part is that, when you visit both linkw, it redirects you to the same login where you enter your username & password.

Above is an overview when you visit the new domain which is & below is an overview when you visit the old Now, don’t get panic as I already said that it redirects to the same place with two different interfaces.

hotmail-com-sign-in-geeklkOld users who uses, & can change their name with alias to Do not worry about changing your e-mail address to the new alias. Why because, all your mails which were sent to the old address will be received to the new one. Simply, something similar to a mail forwarding (just an imagination). Well, the coolest thing about is, where you get all the icons & interface similar to the metro UI (user interface) available in windows 8. Now, checkout the video about the new

What’s new on Outlook?

  • Design & the Overview (minimalist) – Microsoft finally ended with designing the UI similar to metro UI in windows 8 which attracted its users to visit more. Also, they’ve took all the unwanted options / features out of the mail box & made the interface pretty much easy-to-use.
  • Office web apps (built-in) – Such as Google docs in gmail, Outlook has brought their Microsoft office pack in to outlook as “web apps”, where users don’t have to bother about installing office pack. All the available docs are just one click away to view. The fact that Office Web Apps doesn’t have any problem with showing the correct formatting in a document like Google Docs, makes it all the more compelling.
  • Attachment approach – Outlook handles media files much better comparing to others. They’re placed on the top instead of the bottom of an email. Users can also view pictures as a slide show. But unfortunately, it requires silverlight to be installed which users users don’t cared about much. If you’ve noticed, outlook give the best view of playing Youtube video where, it is rendered & shows even the description within the mail.. with a click it pops-up on the same window & starts playing. If a user has a SkyDrive account, they will be able send anything that exceeds 25MB. Pretty cool isn’t it.
  • & many more.. – find out for yourselves by just visiting

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