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Archive All Incoming & Outgoing Mails in Zimbra / Postfix

My friend using Zimbra at his office asked me that if there’s any possibilities to keep all incoming and outgoing mails of all users in separate location where his boss can see the mails while users are unaware of it 😀

After few Google searches I found the solution. It basically auto bcc all inbound and outbound emails to specified email account. Also this would support on all Postfix based email systems. Here’s how to do it.

Login to terminal and run these command as zimbra user

sudo su

su – zimbra

Edit postfox config file

nano /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/

Below last line of the add the following line

always_bcc =

Reload postfix

postfix reload

This is it. Now you can see all in and out emails copied to the inbox.

Further you can create a filter to separate outgoing mails to different folder. Go to Preferences -> Filters and create a new filter looks like figure below. Or you can do the same with an email client like Outlook & Thunderbird.

[lbfenix img=””]Zimbra Filter[/lbfenix]

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  • sea_owl

    Better change this file:

    As /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ is created from scratch as zimbra restart

  • Rick

    Hi, that’s awesome!

    I’ve been testing it (for archiving purposes) and it works great with the exception of mailman list mail. For some reason the bcc is not picking up the mailman lists.

    Any idea why its not?


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