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PINE64 – A computing platform for a lower price

A single board computer as low as 15 U.S Dollars and upwards

Gone are those days where one would imagine the hassle of purchasing a computer system that is super expensive. With the revolution of Raspberry Pi and other tech stuffs, new face of the internet, the PINE64 has taken birth. This is a single board computer almost any user can count for as low as 15 U.S dollars. And its specifications are way more than a user could imagine.

To find out more on its technical aspects and comparisons with other gadgets, users may refer to this Wiki article. A clear guide on what’s there and what’s not. As per Linux.Com web, the size of PINE64 is twice as the Raspberry Pi, but however it is still an acceptable size for projects… etc.

A detailed video of what PINE64 is capable of?

Its features are unbelievably awesome. Imagine a 4K video play with just spending 15 bucks extra for a computing system (you would require a 4K output devices such as an LCD monitor or maybe a TV). However, please take a moment note, every gadgets produced on low cost comes with a price and features that limited to other technical challenges. Or I shall call it “technical restrictions”. Also do note, this is a 20 dollar computer and all you can expect it to work in a certain manner but not to perform better similar to a usual workstation that you meddle with on your daily basis. Nonetheless, it performs well and worth the pay.

I was impressed with Raspberry device. However, didn’t had any thought of buying since most of my tests end-up on a VPS. Now, this piece of PINE is so cheap bundled with solid features which made me to re-think. So, I am planning on ordering by next week when I get a moment and I later I shall post my reviews on OS performances. Until then, I’ll catch you up with another fruitful post.

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