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Enterprise ready Open-Source Virtualization – Proxmox VE

What is Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is a great Virtualization platform and it’s an Open-source source project. I post some of the information provided in Wiki.

Proxmox Virtual Environment is an easy to use Open Source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines.

Proxmox VE is an open source project, developed and maintained by Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.

Vision as an Open-source project

“Setup a complete virtual server infrastructure within 1 hour.” Starting from bare metal, it is possible to create a full featured enterprise infrastructure including an email proxy, web proxy, groupware, wiki, web cms, crm, trouble ticket system, intranet … – including backup/restore and live migration.

Nowadays people are faced with more and more complex server software and installation methods. But Proxmox VE is different.

Proxmox VE is simple to use:

  • Pre-built Virtual Appliances
  • Install and manage with a view clicks
  • Selection of products for the use in the enterprise

Proxmox VE is licensed under GPLv2 (Open source). Open source and commercial Virtual Appliances are supported.

Virtualization Platform

Proxmox VE is an Open source Virtualization platform for the enterprise.

There are many advantages of virtualizing your servers including the following:

  • Increase your hardware utilization
  • Save of electricity, reduce CO2
  • Reduced physical hardware, fewer maintenance personnel.
  • Don’t waste time on software installation – use Appliances installed in minutes.
  • Simple backup and restore operations.

Main Features

Following are the powerful features of Proxmox VE, which features are available in other commercial products.

Container and Full Virtualization

Proxmox VE is optimized for performance and usability. For maximum flexibility, the following virtualization technologies are installed by the bare metal ISO-installer.

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Bare-metal ISO Installer

Proxmox VE installs the complete operating system and management tools in 3 to 5 minutes (depends on the used hardware).

“Bare-metal” means that you start from a empty server – there is no need to install a base operation system.

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Central Web-based Management

Proxmox VE is simple. There is no need to install a separate management tool, everything can be done via your web browser (IE6/7/8/9, Firefox 2/3/4, also others should work)

The web interface can be reached via https://youripaddress (default login is: root, the password is specified during the installation)

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Backup – Restore – Live Migration

Backup is one of the most important integrated features of Proxmox VE.

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Proxmox VE Cluster

Proxmox VE Cluster enables central management of multiple physical servers. A Proxmox VE Cluster consists of one master and several nodes (minimum is a master and one node).

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Hak5 made a nice video show on Proxmox VE. Darren explainins how to install and configure Proxmox VE.

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