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About GeekLK

GeekLK, is a community driven blog on technology and its inspirations. Its framework is powered with WordPress and was founded in 2010 by two young individuals who were fascinated about Technology. GeekLK share its knowledge on technology while breaking the barriers of learning since the world is moving towards free education. Since then we began composing unique articles that mostly inspire us. Additionally, we write about technical challenges that we come across and draft them over as collection.

Our mission is to help the seekers (the readers who search for issues), understand the technology in simple terms regardless of the knowledge they posses. Hence, we use various convenient and interesting communication methods such as  practical examples, very own image samples… etc.

As for the team, we are small in numbers while surrounded with young, talented & enthusiastic bloggers. And of course, few other volunteers who often contribute posts. This is being one of the major reason for not composing frequent posts compared to other blogs. We believe in quality over the quantity. Hence, we try our best keep this up-to-date with informative yet useful posts.

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