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How to install LogMeIn Hamachi on Linux [Video]


In my previous posts I’ve described installing and setting up simple Hamchi VPN and managing Hamachi clients for advance users.

Hamachi not only supports Windows. It supports on any Linux OSs. But Hamachi only provides a command-line version by itself. As Linux is always open still you can have GUI front-end with a third party project called Haguichi which smoothly integrates with Gnome desktop. In this video I’ll show you how to install and configure Hamachi and Haguichi front-end.

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  • ShaD

    what is the best network monitoring utility? Log Me In Hamachi ??
    Please give me reply..

    • Irfad Razik

      LogMeIn hamachi is not intend to be a network monitoring system. You can have remote LAN like connectivity over the internet. As far as I know the best and free Network Monitoring/Management tool out there is “Spiceworks” cehck my post about spiceworks

  • ShaD

    hi geeklk, good work.. i need a tutorial about cain & able please upload it..

    • Azker M

      Thanks you for the comment. We’ll consider on your request for the tutorial about cain & able.. until that, you can always refer youtube for experimental videos.. ; )

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