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An unexpected surprise for GeekLK by Daily Mirror

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Phew!! πŸ™‚

This is the moment we waited for as we’re now leading towards success. It’s a great honor for the GeekLK Team. Our web blog has been published on a local news papers last month (29th March 2012). It’s non-other than Daily Mirror who’s a leading news paper in the Island (Sri Lanka).

We never thought, that we’ll be on the papers. By the way, all this started with a tweet received by @DMbreakingnews (Daily Mirror twitter handle) pinging us for a #DMtwinterview. Afterwards, we’ve replied to them & also tagged them with another tweet describing on what our web blog is all about. It was just to help them & other users, which gladly helped them to get some points on. (see the tweets embedded)


[tweet_embed id=183229373325910016]


[tweet_embed id=183875946103848960]

Finally, we got to know that our blog was published on their papers, under the Twitter page. We were surprised about this & the happiness for this achievement was endless.

GeekLK Team is thanking Daily Mirror for this wonderful article & also the team behind this who worked hard to edit & publish this. And our sincere apology for posting this lately since we did not had a time to spare & share. Below is the article which were published. (click on the image to enlarge)



[box] More: Read Online, DailyMirror Web, Twitter Page [/box]

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