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MiniTube – An app which plays & downloads YouTube videos

While I was trying to find a song on YouTube, I suddenly thought of an App because of the frequent crash on my chrome. I’ve no idea what’s happening, but Google’s Chrome started acting wierd these days.. even when I’m on windows or linux (Ubuntu). While the time I search for the video, I also started to think of an Application. I mean an App which can play those videos for me without any crash.

So, I started searching for it on Ubuntu software center & found this amazing freeware application by the name “MiniTube“. It is so simple, user-friendly & amazing application to search, play videos & at the same time it can be downloaded too.

MiniTube is a YouTube desktop application which was designed by a software developer named Flavio Tordini who’s from Rome, Italy. As per his website, he also created another two applications by the name “MusicTube” & “Musique“.

MusicTube is also a desktop player which plays music instead of videos from YouTube. Using this app, you can listen to millions of songs on YouTube in a convenient way, much like using a traditional player.

Musique unclutters your music listening experience with a clean and innovative interface. Musique automatically fixes misspellings in titles and artist names, freeing you from the hassle of manually tagging your files. more..

MiniTube Features

  • This App supports cross-platform.
  • HD Videos Support for YouTube.
  • Dynamic search box to find videos.
  • Play, Pause & Skip video.
  • Able to download videos (MP4)…

Installing on Linux Distros

  • Ubuntu – either use below command on terminal or install via Ubuntu software center).

sudo apt-get install minitube

  • OpenSuse – use below command to install.
zypper install minitube
  • Fedora – use below terminal command.
yum install minitube
[box] Find More: MiniTube Official Page [/box]

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