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3D Experience with Etisalat Sri Lanka at Majestic City (Tweeps gathering)

Phew!.. Marvelous, Outstanding, Mind-blowing.. what else, I’d say..

Indeed a good movie experience. I felt like “OMFG” after enjoying the movie. To be honest, it was my first & best 3D experience ever I’d say. Well, I’ve seen movies in good old days but not that I felt into those.. But this time, “The Avengers 2012” movie made my day. I should be thankful to @EtisalatSL for giving me such an opportunity.

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

Well, it was all started with a simple tweet by @EtisalatSL alerting all its followers. I guess a lot of tweeps were waiting for this..

[tweet_embed id=199724755144818688]

Hehe.. Who would say no.. Even, I was eagerly waiting for the next tweet & heavenly saw the next tweet : D

[tweet_embed id=199729926910377984]

[tweet_embed id=199732593929891840]

So, @EtisalatSL started issuing hash-tags to the tweeps.. Luckily I won two tickets at the very first day.. I was eagerly waiting for the movie afterwards like a “child crying to get some candies”.. Oh! By the way, below are the hash-tags which were produced by Etisala Sri Lanka. : D

  1. #ifIWereASuperhero
  2. #WhyNoSpidermanInAvengers
  3. #IfAvengersLivedInSriLanka 
  4. #ThingsIWouldSmashAsHulk
Finally, at the end they got some of us as winning tweeps & asked us to visit one of their centers to collect the tickets. Below you can see the ticket invitation which were given out to the Tweeps & also to some of their broadband customers if I’m not mistaken.

[tweet_embed id=200522690925297664]

So, I ran into the Majestic Cineplex & had a chat with few tweeps.. Well, in a while I got to know that there were cakes for us from a tweep who was celebrating her b’day. She’s non other than @AyeshaPubudu : )

[tweet_embed id=201306654694850560]

Seriously, I did not know that it was her birthday & didn’t had a chance to wish her too. Anyways, here I am wishing her now on behalf of all the tweeps & the GeekLK Team.

[tweet_embed id=201544076334604288]

Now all that went fine, then the movie time started.. Tweeps were on queue to enter the 3D world at Majestic Cineplex. Oh! Yeah, I never forget to mention that we got free pop-corns.. : D : D

Few captured moments by various tweeps;

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

NadeeShan Meedin™ | @nMeeDiN – having a piece of cake

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

Queued Tweeps | About to enter the movie

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

Oh! Yeah.. free pop-corn

An Interview at MC 3D Superior

Well, guess what.. Movie went without an interval, 3D experience was epic, then the sound system were good in Dolby 7.1 … End of the day, all tweeps were with a happy face thanked the team @EtisalatSL who gave us the opportunity to enjoy such an EPIC movie.

[tweet_embed id=201334810520731648]

[tweet_embed id=201303268842930177]

[tweet_embed id=201326325292744708]

[tweet_embed id=201300853372620800]

I once again thank the whole Team Etisalat Sri Lanka, who took an effort & screened us an awesome movie, specially in 3D. Thank you.

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