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Smart Screen ON (LITE) :: Android App

Smart Screen ON (LITE) is an android based application designed to unlock/lock your phone screen using the inbuilt proximity sensor which comes with the smartphone itself. The app is quiet handy & designed based Galaxy Nexus as they’ve mentioned in their discrption;

[lbfenix img=””][/lbfenix]

This app is designed to work on Galaxy Nexus, please don’t give a negative comment if you test it on another phone! This is LITE version. If you buy PRO version you will find a lot of cool features! For a better compatibility disable the lockscreen

Well, don’t be worried as it may work with most those android devices. I’ve tried testing it on my Xperia Ray & it worked. It’s a very small application in size, so worth giving it a try. I actually got know this via my buddy Arvind, who’s an android developer based in India. This app is a LITE (free) version & it got only fewer features. Their team also have another PRO (paid) version of application which has more features such as tapping/moving the sensor, using the app only to lock the screen… etc. Just give it a try & see for yourselves.

Random Screens

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[box] Download: LITE Version & PRO Version [/box]

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