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Contacts+ :: A smart, beautiful & free contacts application [Android]

Contacts+ is really an alternative android application to the contacts app available on your respective devices. It is really a cool application I’d say. I did not know about this app until my colleague Sameera who’s the founder of asked me to install and give it a try. Well, I should say that it was worth giving a try.

Our contacts are family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. With some we connect every day, with others on special occasions. They are linked to us in many different ways and over various networks.

Contacts+ simplifies the way we organize information and communicating with our contacts. It’s a universal contacts platform that brings contacts-related services to a single place, creating a place to connect, however we want, with the people we care about.

Contact+ actually does the magic by integrating all social media accounts, IM’s, SMS’s.. etc together. Therefore, you don’t need to seek for other apps to this where you can simply navigate to all apps as you need. Below are some screens that I took from my Xperia, but why don’t you give it a try & see for yourself. : )

Screen Caps

Below pictures explain on how the registration is done which is somewhat similar to Whatsapp. Rest explains on how it works, navigates by taking few examples with facebook, google search.. other services which are twitter, whatsapp… etc can be connected upon users request made with the application.


[lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-registration-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-reg-confirmation-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-facebook-connect-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-facebook-permission1-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-facebook-permission2-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-complete-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-intro-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-contact-view-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-contact-on-google-search-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-more-addons-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-dial-pad-geeklk[/lbfenix] [lbfenix img=””]contactsplus-contact-facebook-view-geeklk[/lbfenix]


Geek Opinion [Update]: Overall the application is pretty much useful but it take a little of your RAM & but it is no as slow as expected (tested in few devices). Guess, the overload of the application on the phone which caused slowness while testing the application. Nevertheless, Contacts+ is really a suitable application for those who’re textee’s, social media personnel’s, IM addicts.. etc.

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  • Sameera

    Ha hah! looks like someone took my advice 😀 . Its awesome

    • Azker M

      Hey Sam!

      Yep! Thank you for advising me to check this application. Also, it’s my duty to credit the people who’ve been involved. 😀

      Cheerzz… 😉

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