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4 Implementable tools you will need to your day-to-day functions

In our day to day life we need applications & programs (tools) to get our duties done. We use anonymous application programs for different type of purposes. There are commercial and non-commercial tools that we use to fulfill our needed tasks. And there are complex software suits to do specific tasks such like editing graphics, creating a video and word processing… etc. But in simple day to day life you may not be able to afford those fully fledged highly priced commercial applications to use. You might not need those sophisticated tools for the work you intend to finish. These alternative applications are much helpful to get your pretty little tasks done. I have came across these tools which were very useful when I was composing blog posts and messing with social media tools. The best about these tools are that they work inside Windows and I don’t have to install them in order to use them.

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is useful when you want to take screenshots. This tool allows you to do a better job than the print screen key on your keyboard. Snipping tool comes free with windows vista onwards and you can use it to capture any part of the desktop by just highlighting with the mouse. You can select an area and capture it to an image format like JPEG, GIF or even website friendly PNG as you want. There are options like full screen capture and open windows capturing, free form and rectangular capturing in the tool. This tool is the best alternative to 3rd party screenshot apps there.

Microsoft Picture Manager

This simple tool comes with Microsoft office 2003 on-wards allowing you to do simple edits on images you download over the internet. You cannot create graphics from this tool. But you can do a hell of a good job as processing an image for a useful purpose like word-processing or to make simple presentations. This tool helps a lot when you want to crop, re-size or rotate an image to do simple color adjustments. The best feature I have come across this little tool is the red eye removal. Trust me it does a very good job at removing the red-eye from any photo taken from a digital camera. Multiple export options are also supported by Microsoft Picture Manager. You can also compress your pictures for documents, web pages and even to send emails. I don’t see why to called this the best alternative for those image editing software out there.


I don’t have to say much about paint since you all know about it very well. Paint is the most primitive graphic tool comes free with windows ever since the first release. You can draw pictures, edit pictures and even create simple logos with paint. Paint supports multiple imports and exports formats for your needs. If you are good at drawing graphics on computer using mouse or electronic drawing pads, this is the application for you. Also remember that Paint is a native application of windows. There are many options like brushes, color palettes and shapes. You can make use of these tools to create an amazing graphic.



Creately so far is the best Online Visio alternative software in the market. If you are drawing diagrams more often or if you want to draw a diagram quickly Creately is the best option for you. Creately is not just a simple tool. It’s a complete all in one diagram suite that allows you to draw many types of diagrams online. There is a desktop version of the app available for the all three platforms. If you don’t like to install anything just log in to the website and start drawing freely without any hassle. You can draw Flowcharts, Gantt charts, Wire frames, Venn diagrams and many more diagrams with Creately. Creately will save your diagrams safely online for you. I was benefited from this software a lot when I was drawing diagrams for my blog posts. Creately is fully integrated with all types of objects and features to draw the diagrams you draw in Microsoft Visio. It is for sure the best alternative so far that offers a free service. Even though Creately is featured software, you will find that it is very easy to use and you will be amazed with its ability to draw diagrams faster. There are templates and tutorials for free for you to learn and enhance your diagrams.

These are some of the good alternatives you can find in your desk when you are working in the office, home or bar. My advice is to make the best of it and get your things done quickly in a professional way.

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  • Shalin

    Great post. We always look for the biggest tools to get little things done. Non-Commercial or FOSS should be encouraged

    • Shiraz Samsoodeen

      Thanks Bro, of course we are. But these tools are not only FOSSs but you can get things done as quick as you want.

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