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Find a shared folder path easily on a Windows environment

Finding a shared folder path on a Windows environment or an Active Directory domain may sounds easy but took me few minutes to figure out. Even the keywords that I put in to Google was not displaying what I wanted; instead it showed me “Find a shared folder” which directed me on of Microsoft’s Technet library.

Well, honestly speaking it didn’t even showed up on the search when following the steps. I didn’t had much time to look as to why it didn’t appear or is it the exact solution I’m looking for. So I tried to fire up Google with a more meaningful search which did the trick as I ended up with “Finding the physical local path associated with a Share UNC folder“. I didn’t thought the command will be this much simple and the words look familiar too.

Pretty simple! Open a command prompt (you may either search on the startup menu or just type “cmd” on the run dialog box) & type the following command.

[box] net share[/box]


This should display all the shared directory paths along with the share name & remarks for your convenience. Simple trick though!

Geek Note: Shared path will only be displayed on a server/workstation location where you’re executing the command. Which means, you can’t search for a folder path shared in server A by typing it in server B. This will apply for both domain and WORKGROUP environment.

Enjoy! 😀

[box] More: Net Share TN Library [/box]

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