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A comeback with a new look! [GeekLK Exclusive]

Hello there, fellow readers. I take this opportunity to thank for those who subscribed to see the new look of our blog.

We’re not the big shots, we’re not the giant tech experts, but we are those tech geeks who loves writing articles on technological challenges that we face and overcome with. So, another with similar challenges can be benefited from. Furthermore, comments who make on the posts either thanking or driving through with more issues, which makes us happy and encourage to write more.

Alright! enough said. To start of with; I do understand that we often update the website with posts for the last couple of months due to other assignments we’ve been busy with. I have been personally contacted via most of the social media streams and even on email, inquiring about this. Well, I do not know how to explain the work load that we’re occupied with.

Going back to bit of History, I first started using the internet to chat and meet new friends on my leisure time. I can still recall those golden days of chat, late night Halo, Counter strike.. etc; it was all memorizing. Later sometime, I was introduced to phpBB which is a PHP based forum framework package. Time passed by, and I met my buddy Irfad who’s now my business partner.

We were so amazed with the concept of “warez” hosting and exchanging links on forums which later gave us an idea to start WarezLK, which was initially a warez blog/forum. As a symbolic for our friendship, we have kept the domain continued, yet not operational. However, we lost interest in hosting pirated contents and we started doing what we are good at, which is blogging and experimenting technical stuffs. That gave us an idea to start GeekLK and started blogging as a leisure. We did receive, good comments and we’ve been also featured in few localized papers then.

Few months later, we had to occupy ourselves on our office works which made gave us busy robots leaving lack of time. Meantime, we have started offering variety of IT consultancy and solutions which made us occupy more on work and less on leisure activities. However, we had some helping hands from few fellow friends who’re still contributing to our blog sharing their valuable knowledge.

Apart from all the past, I always had an idea changing the blog theme to make it more cooler. Later, looking at other sites, I decided not to make it more complicated yet to bring it with a simpler design. Because, I believed in the contents that a blog has to offer than its design, though it is a key element. As a new year resolution on the new born 2016, I somehow planned to take this down and put it back with a new face. Finally, it became a huge success today and I’m happy for it. So, does my partner. 😉

“Success comes with failure. A true outcome lies in a painful work. Stay calm, Act wise, Trust in yourself & Never give-up, I’m sure you’ll end up being the most successful man for yourself.”

— Azker M

An IT professional living far away from the pearl of Indian ocean. A Telecom nomad moved towards networking & hospitality IT building elegant resort in the romantic island of Maldives. An open-source fanatic, a geek and yes! a minion fan. I prefer football & popcorn ^_^

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