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Protect your Facebook account using Advanced Security features

Once again WZ-Tutz back with some cool tricks, where you could make your selves secure better surfing internet. Well, this time we’re looking at the world famous social networking website “Facebook“. Assuming you all know about Facebook more than me, but have you ever thought about the security or the options which are given within facebook rather than making privacy settings.

Alright, in this tutorial; I’m gonna teach you on how to protect your Facebook account, from hackers, phishing…. etc.  These are few advanced security systems which comes with Facebook it self; where the users are not aware most of the time. So, what are we waiting for… just make our profiles & infos secured within Facebook.. : )

01. Enabling Facebook Secure Connection (HTTPS service);

In this case, you’ll have a doubt saying “what is this?” and “what is a HTTPS…?” well, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secured encrypted system to use internet (refer Wikipedia for more..). You can use this method while you’re using on a public computers (such like WiFi networks, Internet Cafes, Hotel…. etc).

To enable sitewide Facebook HTTPS secure connection, simply click on Account (located at the top right corner) > and click on  Account Settings > under Account Security, tick the Check the box below which says Secure Browsing (https).

Note: This is how the address bar looks like when you’ve activated HTTPS connection.. until you untick the above (or switch of the secure connection).. facebook will be surfed via HTTPS… see below images;

HTTP connection when using in a private computer; (unsecured)

HTTPS connection when using on a public computer; (secured)

02. Enabling Facebook Login Notifications;

Facebook login notifications is another feature which will help you to acknowledge about the logins you make. When you look at the advantage of this; it will notify you via e-mail or via test (if your mobile is registered) whenever you login to Facebook. Therefore, in such case; you can keep a track on your account. You can set the notifications whether it has to be received via e-mail or as a text notification.

To enable this feature.. simply click on Account (located at the top right corner) > and click on  Account Settings > under Account Security, > and under that you can enable notifications for logins to your facebook account  from new devices. Just click on Yes and then hit the Submit button. This will enable Login notifications for your facebook account.

Once you’ve done the set-up, system will be prompted to ask a computer or device name each time you log-out and log in to Facebook. See the picture below;

03. Requesting for One Time Password;

If you’re not too sure (you should be!) accessing your Facebook account over an unsecured Public/Wi-Fi network. Then making use of the Facebook On Time Passwords would be the best move. This feature will enable you to log-in to Facebook using a temporary password which can be used only once.

So how do you get a facebook On Time Password?, Well thats pretty straightforward! Simply use your mobile phone; type OTP or FBOOK and send to 32665. Once you sent the message you will recieve a unique password, which you can use only once, and it will expires after 20 minutes.

If you enable or make use of all the above mentioned Advanced security features with your facebook account then undoubtedly they will make your facebook experience more secure. Hope you liked them all and make sure you drop in your comments in case you have something to say over these security features.


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