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Enabling POP services for Yahoo! Mail (who don’t have such access)

We’re back again with another cool trick which will help most of the us to configure their Yahoo! Mail accounts to e-mail clients such like Outlook, Evolution mail… etc (for the people who don’t have POP access). This is a pretty cool trick which we’ve tried testing with Outlook & other clients, devices… etc. And it worked like a charm without any issues (but the success result is only 90% sure). As far as I know, this would help for the people who live within South Asian region; since POP services will support other such like Europe.

This is how a yahoo POP & Forwarding restriction looks alike;

  • First, you’ve to login to your Yahoo! mail account.

  • And then, click the arrow symbol which shows next your name as “Hi, your name” (top left corner)… then select  “Account Info”

  • As soon as you select Account Info… the page will pop-up with another log-in page saying; “Please verify your password”

  • Once it’s a success log-in, it will take you to your Account where all personal & privacy informations are stored. On that, page you’ve to check for “Account Settings” and within that you’ll see an option as “Set language, site, timezone”..  click on it to change..

  • Once you click on above, you’ll be able to change setting… you’ve to select the settings as below; (note: if this didn’t work, you can try selecting different timezone which will meet up your respective countries timezones).

  • Once done saving Account settings, close that & refresh your e-mail… and then click on  “Options” (right corner) > select “More Options…” using the drop down..

  • Once you’ve selected above.. you’ll be redirected to the mail options which you’ve seen at the very top of this post… now, see the difference.. you can enable POP service & also you’ll be able to forward e-mails as well…. : )

Hope you all like this trick.. well, may be some knows this.. but, this for the people who really wanted to do such things… anyways, have a good one… we’ll be back with another good trick.. ; )

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