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Using Windows based applications in Ubuntu via Wine

As I started to use Ubuntu and forget about Microsoft. I was searching for softwares which I use mostly in Windows. Finally I got it. We can even install and run windows applications in Linux OSs. An application called Wine will help you to make it up. Follow the instructions on how to configure.

Open your Terminal window in Ubuntu and type 

sudo apt-get update

Once you’ve type the above command in terminal window, it will ask you the sudo password, which means the administrator password in order to execute the command like below window;

After the process, go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager, in there; under the search bar type “wine”.

Once you got wine under the search results… just left click on white box left to wine and click “Mark for Installation” and click the “Apply” button and install it. (note: now it shows in green since, I’ve selected it)

After completing the installation, go to Applications and you’ll see the newly installed Wine tab. Now, you can configure it the way you want.

Afterwards, in order to install a windows application choose any .exe file and right-click on it and open with “Wine windows program loader” and Install like you do it in Windows (below is a screen that we’ve tried installing power DVD software).

Well, this is an old method.. but, still worth for the people who would like to use Ubuntu & windows based .exe files at the same time.. Enjoy!

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