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Adding a Google+ Quicklist to the Unity Launcher in Ubuntu [OMG-UBUNTU]

Well, I was wondering whether I’ll be able to add Google+ as a Shortcut to the unity launcher on my Ubuntu 11.04. Then suddenly I found a post in OMG! Ubuntu, while I was going through another post. Thought of sharing it within my blog since most of the users are now hanging with Google+.

Like a lot of people right now I am loving Google+ – the search giants stab at social networking.

Until Google get around to releasing a kick-ass API for Google+ so someone can make a Google+ Messaging Menu entry, desktop app or Unity Launcher with notification badge the following Unity Quicklist should make for a welcome stop-gap.

Ubuntu 11.04 screen

Download Google+ Unity Quicklist

So to download and install you need to open a new Terminal tab or window. Enter each of the following commands carefully: –

– wget
– wget
– mv google+.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
– sudo mv google+1.png /usr/share/pixmaps/

Once completed add the ‘Google+’ quicklist to the Unity Launcher by dragging the ‘google+.desktop’ file in ~/.local/share/applications onto the Unity Launcher.

Ubuntu 11.04 unity launcher

[box] Original Source & More info: OMG! Ubuntu [/box]

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