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Turn your USB into a Swiss Army Knife

If you are a computer geek, you might have a bunch of System Tools as Bootable CDs such as Hiren’s Boot CD, Password tools, Linux live distros (Ubuntu) and many more. But keeping all the CDs for different tool set in your pocket is not possible as you will need it anytime anywhere.

This guide tells you how to put those bootable CDs into one USB Flash drive and let you have all the tools with booting up with the USB drive. There are lot of ways to make your USB as multiboot drive. But easiest way is to use the tool called  “YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator” by

All you need is to have a USB Flash Drive, YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator and your favorite distors.

Download YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator here.

If you don’t know what to load in the drive take a look at the list by scrolling down the page.

Before doing this make sure you don’t have important data in your USB Drive.

Step1- After your Flash drive is inserted, download and run YUMI – Multiboot USB.


Step2- Select the correct drive assigned for Flash drive and Check format (This will erase all your data in the drive and format into Fat32 filesystem)


Step3- Choose any Bootable ISO listed in the list and click create ( you must have downloaded the .iso file before create.

You can add more files late by simply clicking on another item.

I have Hiren’s Boot CD, Back | Track and Ubuntu loaded into my USB drive 😉 Enjoy.

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