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Security Professionals or Cyber Criminals?

Most people keep in mind that people called hackers are criminals who destroy or gain unauthorized access to Network systems, Stealing government’s confidential  information  and so on. Yes it is, but those people are one kind of hackers. So in this article let’s see who really are the hackers.

In hacking world people called hackers are divided into different categories according to the way hacking  is used. Here’s the list of hacker terms and explanations.

White Hat Hacker

A white hat hacker hacks into systems for good purpose in an ethical way. They are recognized and hired by companies allowing them to hack their network and systems to list and report the vulnerabilities. So it’ll help them to fix the issues and defend from rogue attacks. Most of the white hats use the same tools which black hats use.

Black Hat Hacker

A black hat is opposite to white hat. These people hack into computer systems, networks to gain unauthorized access and steal confidential information. Eg:  Stealing credit card info and selling in the black market (black hats gathering).

Grey Hat Hacker

No one is out there as grey hats. For an example grey hat means a hacker being a white hat for day time, working for companies as a security auditor and changing to evil hacker in midnight. Because to improve hacking skills a hacker must have hands on experience in real environment. they just can’t practice in-house and become a great ethical hacker.

Script Kiddie

As real hackers are described above. script kiddies are lacking skills of real hacking. They download programs written by professional hackers and use them with little knowledge. Sometimes even without knowing how really it works.


These kind of hackers compromise systems for political reasons. Like terrorists attacking defense network. Some hackers keep their names behind. Like hacker’s name displayed on hacked website.


Crackers are similar to black hats. They use their skills to break passwords, encryption mechanisms or reverse engineering commercial applications to bypass license options and use it for their own purpose or sell it for profit.

Hobby Hacker

Hobby hackers hack and tweak their own systems to unlock more features in particular device or application. Such as Jailbreaking iPhone, Tweaking Windows, They do it at their own risk.

I think now you have a good picture of hackers and their types. There are many security courses conducted for certifying people as a recognized ethical hacker (security proffessional). Here are some popular certifications you can have to build the career in security world.

CEH by EC Council

CCSP by Cisco Systems

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