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GeekLK Forum :: An Online Community [Explained]

An Internet Forum also known as a message board, is an online community or more likely a discussion board where people can do/hold conversation on a way of posted messages. Forums have a specific set of jargon associated with them; e.g. a single conversation is called a “thread“.

An Internet forum is also called a message board, discussion group, bulletin board or webforum. However, it differs from a blog, the name for a web log, as a blog is usually written by one user and usually only allows for the responses of others to the blog material. An Internetforum usually allows all members to make posts and start new topics.

An Internet forum is also different from a chat room. Members in a chat room usually all chat or communicate at the same time, while members in an Internet forum post messages to be read by others whenever they happen to log on. Internet forums also tend to be more topic-focused than chat rooms.

Basic Structure Of a Forum

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