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PowerTrekk Charger – Who needs Juice when you have Water!

PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger for use by outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid. It come in handy & yes, it is actually an amazing portable equipment which provides instant power anywhere to electronic equipment such as mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS devices.


As per wired;

This pocket-sized fuel cell from Swedish firm myFC is designed to recharge your smartphone in the wild — using only hydrogen. A tablespoon of water tipped on to the pack’s permeable membrane lid is enough to trigger a clean chemical reaction. The H2O releases hydrogen stored in solid form in a replaceable PowerPukk cartridge, generating about 4Wh of electricity. That’s enough to charge one iPhone or seven iPods, from a puck that costs only £1.20. “Millions of phone users lack easy access to a reliable supply of electricity for charging, especially outdoors,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC. “PowerTrekk is one renewable solution.” Who needs juice when you have water?

– USB-compliant output
– Output voltage : 5V
– Output power: 5 W from battery, 2.5 W from battery and fuel cell.

PRICE : PowerTrekk: € 199 || PowerPukk: € 1.99/puck

[box] More Info: PoweTrekk Official Web or Wired [/box]

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