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Why GeekLK? ::

Hello! Folks,

Well, as you all know there are millions of web blogs on the internet growing anonymously over that past few years. Or I could say, it happens rapidly every 60 seconds.. Below is just a simple example posted on go-gulf, about how users interacts averagely on every 60 second basis..

[lbfenix img=”http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae337/darocker077/60seconds.jpg”][/lbfenix] Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers

Hmm!! pretty impressive, isn’t it??… By the way, this post is just to acknowledge you on what exactly GeekLK does, which user group has the benefit from this site, what we share here & how this blog works… etc. May be this post looks stupid to you all, but still we wanted you all to have a basic idea on what we exactly do.

So, Who We Are?

We’re basically a bunch of energetic young group (with no giant degrees), who seek for knowledge in various field while continuing our profession. Each & every day is a new start; as all of us face different types of users, issues… etc. Honestly! some are manageable, some are pretty hard & sometimes we felt so bad when no solutions were found. All these day-to-day activities teaches us lots of things & make us more strong. All the time, we wasted days & weeks digging over the net finding solutions, applications, configurations & many more.. this made really a hard time for all.

Well!!! this is what made us to think on a common portal like a blog or something to build & share knowledge for free. Therefore, my self & my colleague started working on a portal, to help users not to hesitate them selves on such occasion & to visit us, then find whatever they wanted.

And, Why GeekLK?!?!

That’s it!! we simply built a community & named it GeekLK. Read our about us page to get to know us & the team behind this. Well, all these topics we post; is after testing it out practically. GeekLK, is simply a blog roll suitable for all levels of users who seek for technology, IT based needs. We also, planned sharing gfx, web, social-media & many more categories as favoring the rest of the audience.

GeekLK always trying to simplify tutorials, videos, posts.. etc as understandable for you all. Our activities may be a little slow comparing to other blogs as we don’t much crew to share articles on a daily basis. But you can always contact us or request for tutorials. You can also submit tutorials if anything interesting. We will surely try our best to respond you on the same.

Can I join GeekLK?

Hell!!! yes.. any volunteers who would like to share knowledge among the world, are gladly welcome to this community. We have only one rule, which is not to spam here since we help users to gain knowledge. So, we don’t wanna mess thing out & go blank…!! : S

But, you’re free to write tuts at any given time (when you find some leisure time), free to explore the knowledge, no professional wordings needed.. Hmm!! as long as it is in English & understandable for the readers, you still have a good shot.. : D

We don’t force you to join.. If you’re only interested in volunteering yourself, then drop an e-mail to support (at) geeklk (dot) com mentioning “Request to join GeekLK Team“. We will respond you within two working days.

Any, Questions?

Please post a comment under this post, if you got any questions to ask or any other things to clarify..


An IT professional living far away from the pearl of Indian ocean. A Telecom nomad moved towards networking & hospitality IT building elegant resort in the romantic island of Maldives. An open-source fanatic, a geek and yes! a minion fan. I prefer football & popcorn ^_^

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  • Ranidu

    yeo but i gotta tell u this, at the rate at which you guys are blogging, you cant expect “regular” readers. You’ll need a bigger team, sooner rather than later.

    • Azker M

      Yeah! we know that we have lack of writers.. But, we wanted this place to be a learning hub & we’re trying our best to keep this blog up-to-date with new fruitful posts. Btw, thank you so much for the concern. 😉

  • Ranidu

    Hey guys, i sent a request sometime back and havent received any reply from you guys. Are you’ll serious about seeking volunteers??

    • GeekLK

      Hey! Mate.. Yes, we did seeking for volunteer writers. But, unfortunately we got some technical errors at our site & we’re fixing it to grant access for the members who contact us. Please e-mail us on the same with your details once again. We will surely get back to you once sorted. 😉

  • arosh

    are you’ll looking for paid writers as well?

    • Azker M

      Hey!! Arosh…

      So sorry mate.. We seek for volunteers who can spend time sharing their knowledge with users over the world. And no we don’t pay for any of those writers who write here. Also, we do this web blog for free

      Cheerz 😉

      • arosh

        okay then I’ll send a formal request 🙂

  • Irfad Razick

    Great stuff dude 😀

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