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Network Layers (OSI Model) :: Explained [Part 1]

Hmm!! Network layers… *sigh*… 😕
But, what the he*k is this OSI model & why….??!?!? Hehe… Jus’ chill out & take sometime to read this article if you love to study about networking…

Alright!!! now we’ll start moving on to the topic… Okay, now if you’re a networking dude personally or by profession; you suppose know about the networking terms, jargons.. etc & also the OSI reference model. In simple terms, its the fundamental seven layers of a networking system which you need to know exactly what’s happening there, what’s the interaction in between & the processes happening within all levels… blah! blah!.. in order to become a professional in such field.

Okay!! Now, we’ll just go through the history of OSI model as to why it was implemented & What exactly this model does…

What is an OSI Model & Its history?

In the 1970’s there were various vendors who provided anonymous network solutions based on their property protocols. Due to this, there was a great bond between hardwares and softwares. Further, vendors did not follow such a standard or a well-organized process as they’ve interconnected different network which became a huge issue later. Due to such issue & problems which occurred… a solution became essential for such undefined networking protocols.

Eureka!!!! …. Finally a solution which came to play the major role & it was named as OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. In very short it was actually designed to define a standard protocol for network communication. In other words, it’s a well-organized & a pre-defined solutions which inter-connect seven layers between each process which taking place on a networking environment/protocol.

Guess what!!!!….. It took nearly seven years to develop/build such an oriented, organize model (between 1977 to 1984).

Have a look at below picture of an OSI model; before I explain each one of the layers.. [lbfenix img=”http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae337/darocker077/the-osi-reference-model.jpg”]


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