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Ubuntu now fits on your smartphone

Indeed a good news to hear!! I’m was with Ubuntu for more than 5 years… Or I could say; ever since I was fallen in love with Open-source industry. That’s because Ubuntu became better and better for each & every update they released till now. Also, last year(2012), they’ve released their last LTS (Long-term Support) or we can say stable operating system 12.04 known as Precise Pangolin for its users. I really loved the interface, integration & user support which is mind-blowing. Meanwhile, few days back I randomly read an article on Neowin about Ubuntu surprising its users by showing-up a countdown time at their site.


It was really surprising and for few seconds I thought that it would be a random touch system (a tab or a PC maybe) similar to other providers. After waiting for a while, I got to know that they’re releasing a compatible operating system to smartphones which is seriously an interesting news to hear. I’d say, it’s worth a wait. Thereafter, I had look at their website curiously to know more information about what it is?? So, here’s what I found listed & described below;



Video Logs on Ubuntu for Mobile

An Extraordinary review & an Introduction by the Founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth.

Demos by Third-party providers

Hands on Demo by the Verge

Ubuntu on a Galaxy Nexus – by Engaget


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  • SamSeen

    Awesome, I think this will be much better than iOS, BB10, or Windows phone &a much better competition for Android 😀

    • GeekLK


      Well, we shall hope for the best. 😉

  • thameera

    Looks promising! Would love a phone with good integration with Ubuntu.

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