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ownCloud | An Open Source Dropbox Alternative

Your own data, your own cloud. ownCloud is a full featured Dropbox alternative server application run on your own server.

Owncloud can be setup and running with minimal configuration. The basic requirement is a working LAMP server. Like Dropbox and Google Drive Images music files can be accessible from web interface without need to download. Also it has cross platform client application to keep your data on sync.

And another cool feature is to integrate GDrive and Dropbox into ownCloud where you can manage them in one place.

[lbfenix img=””]Typical Setup DNS[/lbfenix]

Following are the key features of ownCloud


Older version of files can be reverted in case of wrong modifications or accidental deletion.


By enabling encryption data will be encrypted with user’s password.

Drag & Drop

Simply drag and drop files to web file manager

Backup Server

You can keep a backup server in place synchronizing all user accounts anddata across the servers for high availability.

Task & Calendar

This enables user to keep and track their tasks and calendar appointments.

Visit for installation instructions and more info.

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