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MoneyBookers – An alternate for Paypal

[box] This article is based on what I had experienced & How I managed to receive money. [/box]

As I marked in read above, I tend to write this article for those who’re facing issues with PayPal (receiving money). And this is specially dedicated to any Sri-lankan fellows who’ve been seeking for  an alternative payment solution like myself. Well, there are anonymous payment solutions such are 2CO (two-check-out), WMZ (web-money), Payza.. etc. But, I’m composing this article based on what I went through & how I succeeded receiving money. Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with the usual money transfer who’re western-union, moneygram… etc. This is about e-money (cashing out your money using an online payment system such as Paypal).

I’ve been searching for a solution to receive money to Sri-lanka via an online system that supports cash-out to bank accounts directly. That is because the very famous Paypal had option but didn’t support receiving money to Sri-Lanka. Well, that’s not their fault but it is because of our government. You may say that we know these, but I’m sharing this for those who still searching for solutions/alternatives. Anyhow, suddenly one of my friend who resides in Bangladesh told me about MoneyBookers which later became one of my favorite online service. After, I started to search more information & found two of my colleagues (Hamid Afzal & Aqeel) who knows about the service. Both of them said it is possible to receive money & they’ve done it so. I’m really thankful to those who helped me in this & I finally managed to receive money to my bank account (It actually was a test that I did to see whether it’s really working for me or not).


This is what I did (pretty much simple)

  • Visited MoneyBookers website & sign-up for an account (users can either select personal or business account as per their requirement).
  • Once registered you have to verify your account at Moneybookers (verification methods are available similar to paypaly but more option at moneybookers such as address verification) though it is a must to lift your limits & do transactions (for each successful verification, the limit will be increased & that’s a plus point).
  • I used Card option, bank account verification (using the bank’s swift key) & address verification (a letter with a secret code which will be delivered to your home address or the address you specify).
  • Also note that when you verify your account using debit/credit cards, they’ll charge you an amount & will ask you for the exact rate charged (the rate must be in USD, EURO or whatever as what the user select as his/her transaction currency). If you by any-chance entered an incorrect amount, your account will be locked for next 24 hours. Therefore, keep in touch with your bank and request for the exact amount that you’ve been charged. : )
  • Please note that in order to withdraw money to your bank account directly; your bank should be within the SWIFT network (Srilankans may refer this link to check your respective bank & other try this).
  • The very first bank account you add will be considered as your primary account. But you can more than one bank accounts to withdraw (Note: always try to withdraw your payments using the primary bank account since the charging rate may go higher to the alternative accounts you add.
  • Depending on the bank fee & the account balance you have.. the process will automatically alert you on the minimum charges when you try to withdraw.

Further, Please comment below if you have any queries & please do consider reading the FAQ‘s given at Moneybookers website itself.

Screens to prove that I receive money from MoneyBookers to my bank account

[lbfenix img=””]money-booker-overview-geeklk[/lbfenix]  [lbfenix img=””]money-booker-adding-bank-acc-geeklk[/lbfenix]  [lbfenix img=””]
money-booker-withdraw-geeklk [/lbfenix]  [lbfenix img=””]
money-booker-banked-amount-geeklk [/lbfenix]

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  • Romesh

    Can this money bookers method be used for online betting?

  • Fathima

    Could some one please tell me what currency you chose when making a Skrill account? I’m from srilanka and I don’t see any srilankan rupees in the options given. Are bank accounts from any bank allowed to link with your skrill account? eg: Nations Trust

    • Azker M

      Hi Fathima,

      Its been a long time since this post was made. So I’m not too sure about the currency format. But, AFAIK it is USD in default. Refer the points that I’ve mentioned again. Any banks that has a SWIFT code should/will support wire transfer. Further, the only option is to transfer USD from Moneybooker to your bank which will automatically convert to LKR as it is a local account. Please refer FAQ’s for more information. Without any doubt NTB should support.

      Thank you,
      Azker M ~ GeeklkLK Team

  • Azam

    Can you tell me how much it cost to transfer money to commercial bank via skrill.??

    • Azker M

      Hi Azam,

      I cannot say the exact amount & its been a while since I used the service. Anyhow, you’ll notice the amount when transferring via skrill as it may vary depend on th USD exchange rate I assume.


  • lskumar

    my bank statement showing currency in LKR. how can i insert extract USD amount into card verification?

    • Azker M


      You cannot see that in the bank statement. What I did is, called the bank & asked for the exact USD amount charged. That is how I activated my account.

      Cheerz. 😀

  • NDL

    Thank you so much for the useful post. I have lost a huge amount of money from payoneer and other payments methods. Eventhough, i knew Skrill, i didnt use it. Can you please tell me how much they charged for a bank transfer?

    • Azker M

      Bank transfer is not higher than 3USD and not lower than 2USD I guess.. Because, each transaction I’ve been charged within that amount. Though, that transfer rate from the bank is very lower than what we get from a money exchange.

  • Nishad

    Thanx a lot for the info, saved me a lot of trouble.

  • MyName

    Hello! I understand that you activated your card. I would like to know if the amount they charge to do that goes to your moneybookers account(becomes e-money) or you pay that to activate your account? From what I remember, when you activate you Paypal account, that fee was transferred to your account but I wasn’t able to find out what happens if you activate your moneybookers account. Thank you!

    • Azker M

      Hey there Anonymous,

      Sorry, I had to call you anonymous since I don’t find you name there. Well, moneybooker can’t reimburse you money to the bank account nor the card such like paypal. So, they simply refund it to the account, thought it it just a small amount which you’ll be charged. Maybe around 1.40 USD.


  • Himali

    Thank you very much for the information. Cheers

  • Supun

    Great work…

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