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Speed Index :: A localized app to check internet speed by location [Enriching Srilanka]

Speed Index by Mobyle, is a localized android application (for Srilankans) developed by its founder Hameedul Aqeel.  This application provides an updated average speeds of localized network providers by its location. Which means; either a user needs to key-in their preferred place to obtain DATA from or by letting the GPS track down current location (enabling GPS will track only the current location of the device).

As per the app author, He mentioned that; “This app takes all user inputs and then produce and average speed calculation of a respective service provider when a user requests the speed DATA of a location”. For example; 10 users who resides withing Mt. Lavinia submits their inputs. The app itself gather all DATA’s and produce only the average of all 10 inputs.

One advantage I see is that, none can actually complain about the inaccuracy of the displayed DATA’s since the records are mostly submitted by its end-users. Yes! you’re right, the application is not only to view results, it also has the ability to collect speed DATA’s submitted by users and produce it accordingly.


About the Author

To make this more interesting, I’m sharing a tiny bio about the app author. Yes, Aqeel, is a well-known fellow colleague of mine whom I met in twitter long time ago. It may sound bit cocky.. But, trust me… he was one of the best guys whom I came across. Further, this proves that all characters (or you may call strangers) who you meet online (especially in twitter) aren’t actually bad as we think. All you have to do is put on a trust and have a chat.

How I see Aqeel is that he always comes up with crazy ideas to build and develop applications, websites.. etc. The reason is that he sees the technology in different aspects and loves combining them together to produce something creative. Another great quality that I find within him is that he loves user feedback’s before he finalize a project though he don’t socialize in deep. But I must confess that he’s a good friend & trustworthy fellow to be around with. Aqeel is also a grad who’s currently reading for his degree program in Computer systems and networks at SLIIT. A lad who has good potential into designing & developing web/software contents.

Shoot him an e-mail or keep in touch with him via available social networks. I’m sure he’ll help you out with anything and everything related to his developments. You can reach him via his web portfolio here.

Screens of Speed Index app

Click on each image to view it in full.



All images which were posted on this page are owned by it producer Mobyle. These aren’t the screen taken by myself as the app isn’t available for non-srilankan fellows. I couldn’t test it for myself as I’m not residing currently in Srilanka. But I can assure that the app does its magic as I got positive feedback’s from my fellow colleagues.

Geek Opinion: Over-all app is fascinating & working great without any leakage. Even the app performs promising as we heard some positive feedbacks. Speed Index is on its early stage as per the app author (mentioned while on a hangout) where he promised on new features such as upload speed, tab support, cross platform support & many more.

An IT professional living far away from the pearl of Indian ocean. A Telecom nomad moved towards networking & hospitality IT building elegant resort in the romantic island of Maldives. An open-source fanatic, a geek and yes! a minion fan. I prefer football & popcorn ^_^

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