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Viber Desktop – Latest update and features

Viber as usual the best in competing IM (instant messaging) app in rolling out new thoughtful features. They may look simpler, but it helps a lot to use the communication effectively whether for an individual or a business personal. So, let’s look at some of the cool features, Viber enrolled with it recent Desktop update (Ver. 8.0.0).

Replying to Individual and Group messages

You never have to feel missed out on a chat ever. Reply option will easily help you and other understand, what are you talking about or for what you have commented. But hey, it just doesn’t have to be text, you can entertain the reply using GIFs, Videos and more on Viber for Desktop. Now remember! Whether it is a one-on-one or a group, use reply to make it fun and meaningful conversation.


Image Source | Viber Official Blog

Pin messages to the top of the group

Pinning sounds common as the famous social media stream such as Facebook, Twitter… etc provides showcase important single message to the viewers. Likewise, Viber now allows an important (only one) message to be pinned on a group chat so that others can see at a glance knowing what’s the catch of the group now.


Image Source | Official Blog

I have personally tried the Pin message option it lets you Pin only a single message that’s important at once. Also, the other use has the right to either pin on of his/her message or use the pin option type and pin a new message (see below)


Image Source | Official Blog

Star using Viber and convey messages conveniently now! 😀

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