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How to get “WhatsApp Web” option on your mobile device [Android]


This is a short note to myself on what I did & how I succeeded. And this worked specially for Android but for other platforms, try your luck!

WhatsApp, an instant messaging (IM in short) cross-platform application built for users to communicate over the internet. I do not need to elaborate more on this, as even a 10 year old kid knows how to WhatsApp. However, the technology has invaded whole humanity; internet has surrounded us all over & the definition for love, happiness, fun, happening.. etc are lost within the younger generation. I’ve been in the same but, gratitude to the almighty for not making such a machine and helping me to get control of my life.

Okay! coming back to the point, unlike other IM’s you can download the WhatsApp application file (apk) from their official web and install it to your android device. Further, WhatsApp says that; they’re not yet supporting tablet devices but do not worry about it if you’re to play with. Because we don’t do important transactions thus the conversations are just text, images and sometimes videos which we don’t need to keep a backup of. And, in today’s internet you can find plenty of articles on pretty much anything you require. Nevertheless, WhatsApp should mostly work for most android devices which are of Android OS 2.0 or later. Speaking of which, I’m using it on my Nexus 7 device and it works perfectly without making any drama.

At first I didn’t see the web option on my WhatsApp but noticed that it displayed to update which I did but no difference. This is maybe because of I’ve installed manually (not from the playstore) and its a tab. But then again, I thought of giving it a shot. Well, as I predicted; soon after downloading and installing the latest version, the web option appeared. For the record, I did not lose any of the existing WhatsApp DATA(s). If it works for an unsupported tablet device like mine (as per WhatsApp), why should it not work for you?

Below Some screens from my tab.



Using the Web portal is very simple as scanning a QR code (a typical bar code). Log into WhatsApp Web -> Open your mobile WhasApp applicaion and select “WhatsApp Web” as seen above which will trigger the camera on the device -> Scan the QR code displayed on the website & you’re on. Also, remember; your device needs to be online at all times to access the same over the web. If not link between both will break. On a related note, make sure you’re either using an unlimited DATA pack or either on an unlimited WiFi service as it consumes DATA on both the device and web.

Enjoy! WhatsApp’ing 😀

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