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Samsung announced its official stop sale for Note 7

Samsung has been receiving severe user complaints ever since the launch of Samsung Note 7 flagship. Their Note Series has been a real deal over the years and has its pen computing known as Stylus. In-fact, Samsung’s Note smartphones are the first of its “Phablet” generation, to consider a commercial success. According to Wikipedia, Note series proven its success with an enormous amount of sales captured within each of its releases.


Image by Gizmodo – Australia

If Note series is a success, what went wrong?

Note 7 did not survive for longer due to its critical explosions reported by users. It all initially started with battery explosions reported by random device owners. Samsung then immediately executed the team to diagnose on the issue, replaced the batteries of its series which did not work either. For the first time, most airlines announced a strict note on switching off mobiles for Note 7 owners while some did not allow into the aircraft. Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S., including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage. This will not just be the end of it as Samsung did not report back to what has caused, catching fire to the devices.

What does this mean to Samsung?

FUTURE is unpredictable. In my opinion, users might consider buying other Android devices other than looking at Apple devices, knowing its cost and reliability. As for the high-end users, chances are Google’s Pixel or maybe OnePlus series since they are proven alternatives. Consider Xiaomi and Huawei as they are not bad either. However, Samsung will face a severe loss in their sales considering its brand and reputation. In any event, their get over will depend on handling the issue smoothly while satisfying its users.

Nevertheless, Samsung posted a new update on their newsroom, announcing its end of Note 7’s flagship. Sadly, users who loved the Note series remain in question expecting whether it will continue or end with this.

GEEKLK’s Conclusion!

It is neither the user’s nor the provider’s fault as we’re not angels from heaven to predict FUTURE. Despite that, Samsung holds the responsibility for its cause and users on the other hand need to well research (always recommended) before biting the bullet. In simple words, make sure the gadget you look for, has positive vibes from others who owns/uses them. Look for blogs, news, official sites, reviews… etc. They are a given, with proven facts.

As my last remark, I bid “FAREWELL” to the Note 7 devices. You left earth too soon!

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