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LastPass now allows multi-device access with its free subscription

Access across multiple devices now with its free account subscription

Few weeks ago, I have composed an introductory about Lastpass with its usability and features. It seems now the multi-device access feature is available with the free accounts as announced in its official blog on 2nd November. Which means, users can create a free account, store their site credentials and access it from any supported platforms.

A quick view of what’s new with LastPass 4.0

If you’re a new user or interested in the service, visit their official web for more information and videos to understand more about the product.

For existing free users, no action is required to start enjoying on all your devices. You can simply download to any of your preferred browsers or smartphone, and login with your existing account.

Will this impact the premium subscribers?

You might question as to where this will leave the premium users who pays a price specifically to unlock such features. Well! brace yourselves, the developer offers other features such as prioritized service support along with ad-free browsing, secure 1GB storage.. etc. That is more than what you can expect for low as $12 /year. Compared to other password managers, this service nifty and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Why? refer to my earlier article linked at the beginning of this post.

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