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Why DNS & Email are so Important for Business


Starting a Business of any scale is no easy task. Deriving the perfect plan from the greatest idea of getting it funded, having a creative team behind, a handful of services to offer. Similarly, the next most crucial thing for businesses is to have an online presence on many of its services over the internet. What services may you ask? These include but not limited to having a domain name secured for the business, showcasing the entire service portfolio/services, using official email addresses to show the authenticity of the business & many more.  All these services are controlled and contributed by the one-man army, DNS (Domain Name Service).


Benefits of having an online presence?

Having an online presence is the most crucial part of a business if you need to reach or your customers to reach you. How you may ask?

  1. Domain Name – As important as having an address/location of the business, securing a domain name crucial too. Because this is your permanent identity in the online world. Securing the name matching your business proves the identity of your business and is unshaken.
  2. Website – When you secure a business name domain, the next is to simply showcase your service with a simplified domain for starters. Most providers in-fact give free templates a compliment service. This will interest people who search your business to understand you even before contact you.
  3. Email – Conversing to your customers using business email creates trust and unique identity as to how well business operation is. That trust alone blooms the business and relationship of the consumers further.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness – Expense to have an online presence is less if you plan it right. Most crucial services to any business is a domain, webspace to host websites and an email service to communicate. As for the rest, it can grow with the business.

If you ever have trouble deciding where to buy the domain, what type of hosting/email service is suitable for the business… etc., you can consult freelance experts from places such as Fiverr, Upwork… etc.

How DNS contributes to your Business?

Domain Name System (DNS, in short) is your front face of the business with speedy response times and providing ultra-fast performance to the website. Without it, there’s no online presence and there’s no way of reaching your business space. All the benefits I have mentioned above are connected and contributed by DNS. In a more simplified term, it can make your business or break your business. Getting to know how DNS works can give you more control over your online presence.

DNS is the key component that directs users to your website, send email to your mailbox and handles any other queries that are supposed to be handled. Therefore, choosing a good provider for DNS is as crucial as it is for business. This defines the speedy response of the business whenever a user requests information from your business domain.

How can it relate to Business Email deliveries?


Mail Exchangers (MX, in short) is a DNS entry responsible for email delivery. When a DNS server is at peak or unreachable the senders’ server will not know where and how to deliver the mail, leaving it to bounce. In fact, having a low-quality service can also lead to blacklisting emails over the internet where the business domain gets lower scores. This will lead to various issues on email delivery. 


Therefore, having an authentic and reliable DNS server means better email delivery and response time. If your business emails are transactional, it is more ideal to set-up email with the renown email service providers such as Office365, Google Suite & Zoho. These services offer not only email but also various insights and reports of the email usage. If you are too unsure on setting up these, you may consult freelance experts to set-up email services.


Do not simply buy services that would benefit and impact your business and revenue. This may look too technical to understand the system, but hey, so is starting up a business. There is plenty of support available including the DNS providers themselves offering support. You can always seek support from freelance sites to get help in setting up your DNS right, at the beginning.


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