My Track :: An Android App by Google

I bid apology for any mistakes you found here, as I had to write this article in a hurry. Please feel free to comment or contact us regarding clarifications, suggestions & complaints.. etc. Well, Google a well known top-rated multinational corp, is a group who always focus on its users.  Since then the start from their search engine [...]


Y U No Try Google Drive (Google Docs)

Most people don’t realize how much it’s important to keep a backup of their important files, photos, documents,etc… until they loose it by system crashes or data corruptions. You don’t need to worry about this anymore. Now you can keep those stuff synced in the cloud. Even if your local machine got into fire [...]


Turn your USB into a Swiss Army Knife

If you are a computer geek, you might have a bunch of System Tools as Bootable CDs such as Hiren’s Boot CD, Password tools, Linux live distros (Ubuntu) and many more. But keeping all the CDs for different tool set in your pocket is not possible as you will need it anytime anywhere. This guide tells you how to put those bootable CDs [...]


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